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I have over 15000 bidding points that I have paid for and the website no longer comers up. Does anyone know how to get in touch with the people who ran the website?

I would like to get a refund for all of the bids that I purchased before the website closed down.

I mean 15000 points is quite a bit of money to be spending and now have anything to show for it. At .60 a bid that comes to about 9 thousand bucks so you can see I would like to get my money back or at the least have someone to contact about this.

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No word from anyone who has gotten in touch with anyone from Also no no word from about the getting the money back for my 30,000 points I had with shut down without any notice.


Hi, did they change their site to by chance (with an A). Did you make any progress in regards to getting your stuff or money back?


Go to your credit card and put in a dispute. Thats really your only chance.


did you ever get a refund or anything? I also had 25,000bids left


I recognized your user name also. No I did not get all of the items that I was supposed to get but mostly I was concerned about the bids that I had won.

I had a account, my wife had an account and my son had an account. All total we had about 30,000 bidding points saved up and then one day I went to the site and could not get to it at all.


I recognized your user name from bidding against you.i know you outbidded me on some stuff,i was just wondering if you have received all of your stuff or do you think you also lost that too.........thanks

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