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215 comments is offered me 20 free bids but left out the part about that in order to get the 20 free bids you have to buy $89 worth of bids by providing your creditcard number.

And once you get billed the $89 there is no way to get your money back. They simply respond to all emails by saying that they deem the problem resolved. That since you canceled the account you do not qualify for a refund.

What a rippoff.As soon as I saw that they had charged me $89 I cancelled the account to get a refund but I never recieved one.


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I won several items and never received them. Emails were asswered and then nothing. Does anyone know of any type of lawsuit going on?


I found this place through the NEWS now it's gone and I'm out $90. There was never anything worth bidding on, after the initial press release...They kept pushing the gift I wish I had bid on them, at least I would have something for my money.


same thing happen to me with this scam artided, but i also belive paypal need to be also to blame beacuse that how my money went to this people. can we go after paypal?


My account had about 225 bids but, as noticed by many, they never had anything to bid on - even after months of periodically checking the site ..

. nothing and now the site is down.

Guess I won't be getting my eighty-something dollars back either.How lame.


i had great hopes and fun on this site - it started out with some good items, i won and received them in the beginning, then started with 'that item no longer available' and they'd give me 500 'free' bids - it worked up to over 8500 bids but they had NOTHING worth bidding on. Glad its no longer on here - the initial $89 was real fun too - what a surprise that was!


If there ever is a lawsuit, I will be a willing participant. I also won and paid for several items that they notified that they did not have any more and never did refund me the amount I had paid.


they ripped me off also they own me about 500.00 worth of good that they didn't send me and they would not answer my e-mail either any more they suck


won a black pearl necklace last yr. took 3 months to get it, and what they sent me was some junk white necklace made in china. sent it back and have never heard from again


Where did go to? I have over 15000 bids but I can't get on their website. It is like they just vanished.


Yup, same problem ripped me off also!! Free bids, then charged me $99 of which I could not get my money back!!! Now they are no where to be found!!!

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