to my supprise when I tried to get in touch with the Company I thought I to was going to get ripped of because the web site is gone. I've been playing on their site for about a year.

things were shipped late,but i did receive everything i won. I Had 300 bids left when they went down, but i received all my money back in my account from them for the bids.

I'm still waiting on a PlayStation so lets see. I might have a different view of them in the future,but as for now,i don"t have any complaints

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I won several items on savebig.com and paid their ridiculous shipping fees and haven't received a thing. I'm thinking about contacting Shitanya, the local voodoo queen, and have a curse put on them.


I hope you are qualified to judge me as a liar.You know that if you treat someone with respect you get respect back. Try it you might get through life a little easier.


dadio55 may work for save big. i had to bid

placed a bid against. dadio 55 has unlimited bids to placed.

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