I registered with Savebig.com earlier today before absorbing the website. It cost me $89.00.

Problem - I have been watching two items that's been posting a completion time of 19 seconds for over two hours now, and the auction still is not over. It's obvious to me that Savebig wants their items to reach a certain dollar amount before the auction ends. Most folks can't sit all day at a computer waiting for 10 seconds, when it will re-start again at 19 seconds, over and over again.

Very dissappointed and out of $89.00. What kind of auction is there that never ends?

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thankyou anonymous, nearly lost 100 bucks

Mirkovo, Sofiya, Bulgaria #405531

When will the federal government stop sites like this, wait they didn't stop AIG.


too good to be true


too good to be true


I should have know this was to good to be true. I was almost finished with their form and was sceptical about the credit card info. so I googled I am so glad I did.I hate scamers.


I suspect savebig.com is bidding against you so you generally lose - unless it is too their advantage.




TGFG = Thank goodness for Google... I am so glad I found this site BEFORE hitting the "send" button. 8)

Ambrosden, England, United Kingdom #383869

thanks guys, I am almost to register, googling is a good habit before register unknown site.

saved money and time.


yeah i am looking for a kindle and PS3 for the longest and i found it through that nomorexxx.xxx. When i saw they were asking for credit info off the bat i started checking reviews!!! thanks!!


Same story here. Investigated first.

Came as a link from the nomoreXXXX.XXX website. Obviously a "re-brand" of their sister auction website. Any legit business like this would accept Paypal and be subject to THEIR rules and regs.

Another good thing to watch out for. Thanks for posting.


thanks for the valuable information, I am about to put my credit card info. but my past experience insist me to google about this site and review and luckely i get into this page.

U saved my money and time.

Thanks again


It really did sound too good to be true. But that little voice in my head said "good the reviews first".

So glad I followed my mind. Am a hard workin sista that can't afford to lose any amount of $$$. This day and time there's scams EVERYWHERE.

Thank you God for realizing this was a scam b4 it was too late. mJk


Im so sorry that they got you! but next time heres a tip....1. GOOGLE GOOGLE GOOGLE your *** off dont just stop at once search, because ASK I TYPE they are advertising it below on the ADS BY GOOGLE! Search complains and reports on all websites that you are not familar with.... 2. When something sounds too good to be true...it usually is! we live in the home of the FREE not the home of the HONEST. 3. Trust you mind....because it usually gives of the first signal when something dont sound right...

The asked me for my shipping adresss and then.....RIGHT below that the asked for a Credit card number....because I am an online shopper that seemed out of place to me...its suppose to be with the BILLING ADRESS and thats when I followed step #1. and it led me to this....I cant afford to be losing that type of money...Im in college and on the hunt for a labtop...so Next time follow these steps and you shouldnt have problems with scams....I hope I helped :) :eek :eek


The Save Big prices seemed a little bit too good to be true... and according to the helpful reviews, I was correct. Thank you.


OMG I am so glad something told me to stop and do som research because I would have been highly upset.


I almost signed up as well, but after reading the above posts I decided to keep my money.... I could not find any positive reviews regarding this site. :p


i almost made one today thank u so much


Thank you for your postings...you've saved me time and money. :)


was shopping for i-pod touch for a christmas gift, almost signed up for this. Glad I checked first! Thank you!

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